3 App Development Myths – Debunked!

A few months ago we did a blog about 3 Common Website Myths – Debunked! and now we’re back at it again but this time, it’s all about apps!

Just like websites, there are a number of myths and questions about app development and the overall process. We want to clear the air and let you guys in on all the facts – let’s debunk some of the most popular apps myths!

app open on smartphone. debunking 3 app development myths with niagara based app agency, future access

“Aesthetics Trumps Content Value When Developing an App”

This is a common misconception and we totally understand why it is. We live in a world that is all about appearance, we as human beings, are immediately drawn in when something appears attractive or fits our ideal aesthetics. Although your app’s appearance does matter, the content included in your app matters much, much more! Remember: the aesthetics of your app will leave a great first impression but the content included in your app will be the main factor in keeping users interested, giving them a reason to open it up again.

“Your App Must Be Flawless When Launched”

You should not expect to reach your goal in the first go. No matter how many times you and your app developer trial run the app, it is impossible to really find all the flaws from a user’s standpoint. Best course of action? Comb through the app with your app developer and take care of the obvious flaws or any flaws you happen to run in to and continue to correct flaws once the app is live to the public. Users will offer feedback and suggestions that you and your app developer may not have thought of before. Keep in mind that it is also important to properly scale the process so that you have more to offer your users as your app continues to grow.

“Your Job is Done Once the App is Launched”

We always tell our clients to promote and market their app, whether it be through us or not! The best way to gain more exposure and to get the word out on your new kick-butt app is through marketing. Since there are so many apps out there, it is easy to forget about apps that aren’t users’ main “go-to” apps. Your goal now is to keep users interested, stay relevant and to add value to their lives through the app and across all marketing mediums such as social media, online or in-app ads, and AdWords!

man tapping iphone screen. app development myths debunked by future access. toronto.

We are fully aware that there are more than just three app development myths floating around however, these three myths are ones we often hear about at Future Access. App development is still relatively new so we understand that the process may be unfamiliar to many people, that is why we always try our absolute best to ensure our clients have a hassle-free experience from beginning to end. Our goal is to make your dream app come to life and to help you continue to grow your brand! Still unsure about the app development process? Want to learn more? Contact us.