3 Digital Marketing Myths – Debunked!

Are we writing another blog about myths? Why yes, yes we are! We’ve talked about popular myths in web development and app development, so it is only fair that we do one about digital marketing too!

Relatively speaking, digital marketing is rather new and it is a industry that is constantly changing as well. This makes debunking marketing myths harder because what was trendy and popular a month ago may not be relevant today.  Regardless, we’re up for the challenge and are ready to debunk some of the most common digital marketing myths out there!

Debunking Common Digital Marketing Myths

1. Creating a Website is Enough for Digital Marketing

personal website on a macbook. why digital marketing is important for your online business. future accessAlthough we believe that having a website is very important for a business, a website will not guarantee traffic or exposure. The worldwide web is an arena that is constantly changing, especially with social media in the forefront.

Static content on a website that is only being updated occasionally will not cut it in today’s fast paced society.

In order to be successful online, you must market digitally through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, you must grow an online audience through daily engagement, and you must remain relevant.

This is why keeping up with your demographic and trends are so important. Remember: your digital marketing/online presence will be the main tool in drawing your clientele in, your website will be where they go when they are ready to commit to your services or products!

2. My Industry is Too Boring for Digital Marketing

This is a very common misconception. If anything, your so-called “boring” industry needs digital marketing the most. Sure, it may not be Instagram-worthy but it may be the perfect fit for Adwords or blogging! The digital marketing umbrella is huge, don’t be afraid to explore your options!

Whenever you feel like your industry is too boring for the internet, remind yourself that every industry and every business has its own niche and demographic. Although your business may not appeal to whatever’s trending at the moment, that doesn’t mean your business is not being searched for.

3. Search Engine Optimization is Dead

searching for analytics on google search engines. why SEO is so important. future access. torontoPeople throw around the term SEO all the time but a lot of people don’t actually know what it means or how it works. So because of that, some may say that SEO is dead.

We’re here to tell you that it is not dead, in fact, it is very much alive and thriving!

When people are searching for information on the internet they are using key words such as brand names, products, location, and more. The results which pop up when you search something like “Digital Marketing in Niagara” would not appear if proper optimization did not take place. This is just a vague example of how much power SEO truly has.

Think about it, there are millions of websites and millions of products and services out there but not all of them make it to the front page of search engines such as Google or Bing. Some might not even make the results list at all. Why? We can’t pinpoint the exact reason but we can confidently assume that the quality of SEO does play a role.