3 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

There is an undeniable difference between using social media from a user stand point and using social media from a business stand point. It is very important to understand the difference to avoid any awkward moments or unprofessional stints! Here are three common social media marketing no-no’s you should avoid:

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1. Being too social

Not every social media platform fits every industry. Ever run in to a brand’s Instagram page and notice they haven’t uploaded anything in years? Yep – me too. This automatically makes viewers (such as myself) assume that this brand is no longer active in the industry or they just simply don’t care about their online presence. Overall, resulting in value loss in the minds of their viewers and potential clients. The ultimate advice I’d give to brands looking to join the social media world is: Take it one social media platform at a time and when the time is right, create another one but never all at once.

2. Not socializing with your audience

Unfortunately, this is a common mistake many individuals make when starting out. Engagement is the key to creating a happy online community for your brand.  It’s simple – reply to comments, messages, and reviews on a daily basis and your followers will stick around. Engaging with your followers showcases the human side of your business, allowing them to recognize your brand’s personality. It shows that you care, you’re listening, and you are not a robot!

3. Ignoring negative comments and reviews

Let me just say it out loud: negative comments, messages, and reviews suck! Especially if it’s about your brand – but do you know what’s even worse? Ignoring them. When a negative online statement is made about your brand, this is your opportunity to speak up and make things right with them. Connecting with your “haters” can be beneficial as you can learn new ways to improve your company, regain an upset customers trust again, and lastly, show your followers that you do care (like said earlier). Future customers will see how you handled the situation and if handled well, it will further your brand’s value.

girl in business attire working on a macbook with a notebook and tea on the table. 3 social media marketing mistakes you should avoid, blog by future access in st catharines

The solution:

Time is the solution. Finding time in your everyday life to manage your brand’s social platforms is vital to keeping your brand alive online. As an entrepreneur we understand that it is very difficult to juggle it all (heck, it’s tough finding time to even relax)! So this is where we step in.

At Future Access we want to help you and your brand achieve. We want you to be successful. If managing your social media marketing is not something you can fit on your list of to-do’s, consider hiring a digital marketer to help. Professional digital marketers are able to actively interact with your online following, enhance your brand’s personality, and continuously grow following and drive traffic. Hiring a digital marketer can lift your brand off the ground and give you that extra push you may be missing.