5 Overused Marketing Buzzwords

Full disclosure: I am guilty of overusing words myself. It’s an easy pattern to fall into. Some words just sound that good, while others seem trendy enough to bring you a tidal wave of buzz.

But, here’s the danger of buzzwords: they don’t work for long. It may yield a catchy hashtag or two, but soon enough, consumers will start to tune you out. Remember: everyone uses buzzwords. It’s choosing a different phrase that will make you memorable.

5 Overused Buzzwords To Exclude

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1. Innovative: If there’s one word you choose to omit, please, please let it be this one. According to current marketing, every new product is innovative. Even if yours actually is, it’ll get lost in the pandemonium. Pick a synonym instead. An interested consumer will still be able to figure out that you’re doing something different, I promise.

2. Disruptive: We’ve used this term so often, we’ve diluted its meaning. Truly disruptive products, services, or models change the course of the entire industry. But most startups that achieve this reality aren’t aiming for disruption in the first place. They’re looking for opportunities for improvement. (If you’re curious, check out this article we recently shared on our Facebook feed.)

3. Efficient: At this point, it’s safe to assume that most businesses aim to increase efficiency. While it’s a noble pursuit, it likely won’t drive customers to contact you, not without clear data to support the claim. Otherwise, you may not convince them with efficiency as a selling point.

4. Unique: When everyone starts using the same word to describe their services, it’s time to retire that word. Sadly, as much as I love the implication of the word itself, too many people have claimed unique as their own. It’s not so unique anymore.

5. Productivity: I must confess, I have capitalized on this buzzword more than once. But I think we’ve effectively overdone it, don’t you? If you don’t believe me, search productivity articles on Google. You’ll find no shortage of everything productivity.

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Choice Words

Let me be clear – I do not disagree with any ideas these words convey. I think you should make the most of your time, improve upon current systems, try something completely new, and look to offer consumers something spectacular. But I also think we should look for new ways to communicate these thoughts. 

More than anything, I believe we have a responsibility to our customers. They’re intelligent individuals with their own priorities and plans, and as marketers, we should seek to inspire, educate, and delight them. That’s far better than interrupting their days with the same set of recycled phrases. So, the next time you plan that brilliant strategy, think about renewing rather than repeating. Your message will cut through all the hype, straight to the needs of your customers