5 Tips For Keeping Seamless Communication

It’s safe to say we all want a peaceful workplace with smooth collaboration. No one wants to wake up and intentionally walk into conflict. But, of course, conflict does arise. And most of the time, those conflicts arise from a breakdown in communication.

So, the obvious solution would be to communicate better. Sounds simple, right? Still, change rarely happens immediately. But there are all steps we can take now to start that change. Shall we?

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5 Tips For Keeping Seamless Communication

1. Make as many avenues for communication as possible. Leave multiple means of communication available to people. That way, people can find and use their preferred method. Some of us love collaborating face to face, while others would rather touch base in a written fashion. That’s why our office uses a combination of in-person meetings, email, project boards, and Slack to keep each other in the loop.

2. Don’t forget that CC field. Honestly, this is one that I have to be remind myself of constantly. But here’s the reality: your co-workers can’t help you if they don’t know what’s going on. By CC’ing them in relevant emails, they can stay up to date. It’s that simple.

office life, communicating at work, communicating in the office, office communication, collaboration, web development, mobile app development, digital marketing3. Make things visible. If you’ve ever visited our office, you may have noticed the giant whiteboards in our work spaces. It’s for a very simple reason – it lets us see who’s responsible for what. That way, we know where to direct our questions.

4. Keep track of your own tasks. Develop your own system to keep track of your own responsibilities (I’m personally obsessed with Asana). That way, should anyone ask about a project’s progress, you know where you’re at.

5. Make time for internal meetings. We can all agree that some meetings waste time – but others are crucial. Make sure that you’re taking time to meet with your team to check status and re-align.

Different People, Different Preferences

Ultimately, the best tip I can give is work for common ground. Remember my obsession with Asana? Not everyone in the office shares my high opinion. So, I keep my personal tasks there, and use other systems with the rest of the team. Once in a while, you’ll have to find a compromise. But, as long as it works for you and your team, it’s definitely worthwhile.