5 Ways to Successfully Use Emojis in Marketing

From text messages to merchandise – the emoji trend is still going strong! These tiny characters add just the right amount of personality to any text message or photo caption, they express emotions that words might not be able to, and heck, they are just too fun not to use! Now, here’s the real question: can emojis be used professionally and appropriately in marketing? The answer is, yes. Yes, they can.

Before you go emoji crazy, it is important to remember that although these cute emojis seem harmless, they can come off as unprofessional if not used correctly. However, if used properly, they can enhance and strengthen the relationship between you and your target market. To experience the benefits of emojis in marketing – let’s go over some need-to-knows:


Emojis aren’t always what they appear to be. With meme lovers taking over the internet, you can bet that some emojis have secret meanings behind them that may be offensive. To avoid giving your audience second hand embarrassment, it is best to research your emoji to fully understand all sides of it. Once you understand your emoji, get creative! Using the emojis’ alternate meaning can be humorous and add that personable touch you may be missing in your marketing.


Emojis aren’t for everyone. If your brand is on the serious side, it makes most sense not use the poop emoji or a random cat emoji (no matter how silly or cute they are). You want to ensure that all your content is consistent in voice and matches the demographic you are aiming to target. Understand your demographic and identify whether or not emojis will excite your followers or make them raise an eyebrow.


A clever way to include these hip characters in to your marketing plan is to tie them to your brand. Encourage your audience to use a specific emoji when attending your brand events or when mentioning your brand on social media. Eventually, people will start to associate your brand with that emoji. If you don’t want to commit to a single emoji for your entire brand, you can also attach an emoji to an event or campaign your brand is running. It may be short lived but will make quite the impression.


Social media is key when it comes to showcasing the “human side” of your brand. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and live streams are great examples of social platforms that work best when updated during real-time situations. This technique falls on the casual side of marketing – it allows you to express your true, authentic thoughts on on-going events. Simply attaching the firework emoji to a “Happy Canada Day!” status or tweet is enough to show you care about your followers while also adding personality to your brand.


Depending on your brand, you may be able to use emojis to strengthen the communication between you and your audience. Here’s an example: pretend you’re a pizza company. You can make your service more convenient and fun for your followers by allowing them to place an order by just texting the oh-so-famous, pizza emoji. It’s fast, easy, and will surely put a smile on your customers’ faces. Incorporating emojis in your sales funnel is tough to do but can be a huge advantage moving forward.

With all this new emoji knowledge under your belt, you should be able to successfully incorporate these cute characters to your marketing plan – if they fit your target, that is. Remember to evaluate your demographic, understand your emoji, and get creative! Emojis are meant to be fun, so let them do their job and enhance yours. ????