A Look Back at 2017 with Future Access

2017 has been one crazy year for Future Access. We are thankful for all the challenges thrown our way and all the amazing people we’ve had the opportunity to meet this year. No matter how big or small your business or impact was on us, you were still apart of our journey. Before 2018 comes around, let’s reminiscence on some of our favourite 2017 moments!

Birthday Celebrations

Each of us got another year older and hopefully, another year wiser in 2017! Birthday parties at Future Access have evolved in to something much greater than just a small get-together and awkward attempts at singing Happy Birthday. Birthdays have become another opportunity to better our relationship as a team and to show our appreciation for one another. We make team building a priority, so when the opportunity arises, we take it! Besides,  a team that eats cake together, sticks together! 

Internal Changes

We can’t speak too much about this as we do want to keep most internal matters within our office and in our office only, however, what we can say is – our internal set-up has been enhanced and enhancements continue to be in the process as our team continues to grow. We are always working towards bettering our internal system to ensure that staff members and clients are treated fairly and are happy! 2017 was the year of great change for us but hold on tight, this is only the beginning.

Bigger Projects, Bigger Team

Like stated previously, our team is continuously growing. Whether you are a large company or a small one, we feel so privileged and thankful that you chose Future Access as your partner in marketing, web development, and/or app development. With a larger team, we are able to take on larger projects with confidence and manage smaller projects more efficiently. The growth of our team could not have been done without your support and trust in us!

We can go on about why 2017 was crazy, amazing, and all the positive adjectives wrapped up in to one but that would be the longest blog ever! We’ll keep it short and sweet – thank you for joining us as we continue to learn, grow, and better our craft. We’ve managed to reach our goals as a team and personally, as individuals, that alone is something to celebrate. We’ve got big plans in-line for 2018 and we are ready to tackle them full-force! Cheers to an awesome year and another one right around the corner. Happy New Year!