How Accessible is your Site? Are you missing out on potential customers?

We now offer an accessibility solution that exceeds the current requirements and offers WCAG 2.1 compliance. With a click of an icon, those with disabilities will be able to modify the content for their needs without affecting how the site is seen and used by others.

AI technology scans the site daily for updates. Unlike some accessibility options, if you add content down the road (other than videos and PDF’s), the AI will recognize those changes and update them. You never have to worry that the site isn’t compliant. You will even receive a certificate of compliance and monthly reports. This is particularly important to organizations that have 50+ people or are public sector, but it is good practice for everyone.

Your site will be friendlier and easier to use to those with sight, mobility, learning disorders, epilepsy and other conditions. 22% of Canadians have some form of disability, be this physical, cognitive, or age-related. Make sure that you are reaching all your potential customers by allowing those with disabilities to use your site as effectively as everyone else.

Initial setup cost is $90 and annual costs are $490 USD.

Please email or call 905-323-9818 for more information.