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Erin Romanchik

Erin is a graduate of University of Toronto at Mississauga’s Communication, Culture, and Information Technology (CCIT) program, and has used her education to fuel her passion for community building and writing in any capacity. She’s a big fan of sustainable design, family dinners, and Hemingway. Around the office, you’ll find her editing content and constantly refreshing Twitter feeds.


Why We Use WordPress

We get a lot of questions about our choice to integrate WordPress into most of the websites we develop. Since WordPress is rapidly becoming an…


A Team That Talks

When you have multiple people working on the same project, things can go awry. They normally go awry because of failures in communication. We’re not…


Overcoming Creative Blocks

Every job requires some creativity, because every job requires some never-been-done-before thinking. When you’re coming up with new solutions and directions, you’re thinking creatively. The…


The Emotional Sell

My father’s a storyteller. You know those people. They’re the kind that can make the most everyday of instances come to life with a couple…


Website Launch: HWM

It’s been a smashing spring so far. Not only are we enjoying all the sunshine streaming through our gigantic windows, but we’ve also had a…


Human-Friendly Marketing

How many ads have you seen today? It’s hard to keep track, isn’t it? Because, in reality, ads are everywhere these days. Doesn’t matter if…