Kindness & Business: The Best Steps To Growth

Some people believe that business and kindness can’t mix. But we’ve discovered that it’s quite the opposite. Not only does kindness mix well with business, it also enhances it.

The Kindness Concept

We believe in a simple, guiding principle: be kind. And, honestly, we don’t think that much explanation is needed on that front. Still, there are practical reasons for centering your business practices around kindness.

First, it’s good for your team. Fostering kindness in a work environment means better morale. That just makes sense – if each team member feels they are treated well, they’ll be much happier coming to work. Granted, you’ll still experience some stress and frustration. But, facilitating a kindness-first mentality will help you navigate those moments with better communication and problem-solving.

Secondly, kindness can lead to actual success. Again, it’s a simple principle. If clients and community partners feel that they can depend on you, they’ll likely maintain your working relationship. And why not? We all feel more comfortable working with people who are honest, sincere, and genuinely kind. It creates a better experience.

Still not sure if intentional kindness will pay off? We understand. But we’re not the only ones who believe this.

Kindness From The Experts

Want to learn a little more about how kindness creates success? We’ve found some awesome articles from the experts.


The Psychology of Kindness in the Workplace

If social sciences intrigue you, you’ll love this read. It turns out that kindness in the workplace goes a very long way!


Why Kindness Is Good Business

Even the Harvard Business Review has explored this concept. In this video, Fast Company‘s Bill Taylor talks about how kindness can make a lasting impression.


The Many Ways Being Kind Leads to Success

You may have seen us share this one on our Facebook page! Kindness and success don’t conflict, and CEO Matt Mayberry demonstrates this through the writings of famous authors and philosophers.

For us, it’s really quite simple: be kind, always. It won’t make you a less competitive business – it’ll make you a more successful one.