Corporate Culture: It Really Does Matter

If you follow us on any of our social media channels, you’ll notice that we aren’t always posting industry news or product info. Our favourite posts actually have more to do with decorating for staff birthdays, enjoying our Halo Fridays, and acting as our usual, goofball selves. There’s a reason why we choose to share this stuff.

First off, we really do like working here. We’ve fostered a great environment for work and creativity, and we laugh a lot. That kind of culture is important to us, because it helps us stay productive and innovative. After all, there’s plenty of research that suggests a positive work environment keeps a business healthy and growing.

But there’s more to it.

Turns out that a positive work environment is important to consumers, too. When you’re looking for someone to provide you with a specific product or service, a miserable representative definitely isn’t at the top of your list. It spoils the experience, really. You can tell when someone dislikes their job. And while corporate culture may seem irrelevant to customer service at first glance, there are important links between the two.

Corporate culture helps identify unique selling points. When you’re looking for what makes your business different from the rest, the answer often lies with the people on your team. Each one will have something unique to offer based on their interests and skill sets. When those elements combine, they create a specific identity within your business – an identity that others can’t fully replicate, because no one else has your team. They are your best asset. Let your internal culture help shape your external branding efforts. It’s a great way to discover your unique selling points.

When your team believes in your business’ overall vision, it shows. They’ll pull more positive attention to your brand than any amount of marketing spend. Nothing says more about a business than the attitude of its employees. A professional and enthusiastic team will tell your customers that they chose the right place.

Want to do more for your corporate culture? Fostering a positive work environment will look a bit different for every business. For us, it includes an open office space that encourages collaboration, monthly team-building activities, and a faithful use of Slack. And food, of course; it’s a surefire way to bring everyone together. When it comes to your own culture, it’s all up to you and your team. Have fun finding what works for you. Not only will it contribute to your business’ overall performance – it’ll also make work more enjoyable.