How to Create a Happy Work Environment

What is the key to creating a positive work environment? The short term answer is: generous salaries and flexible vacation time. Although these big perks are great, they don’t always play the main role in creating a happy and healthy work environment in the long run.

The long term (and better) answer to that question is: active and open communication, constructive criticism, frequent encouragement and recognition of achievements. Studies show that these daily perks are key factors in creating a motivated, productive, and happy work environment!

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Tips to Creating a Positive Workplace Environment for Everyone

Be Flexible 
– give your employees options
– studies have shown that 1 in 4 employees struggle with balancing work and family life
– ways to be flexible in a workplace: offer flexible work hours, the option to work from home, or ask employees directly to meet their needs

Encourage Conversation
– on-going and daily conversations ensure employees are not only in the loop but also reminds them that they are a significant part of the team
– studies show that employees working for a company with effective communication are much more productive
– how to improve communication within a work place: adopt an “Open Door” policy, be accessible (via phone, email), etc.

Cheer Each Other On
– recognize and celebrate successes
– 70% of employees have stated that heartfelt recognition has no dollar value
– recognition award examples: cash, gift certificates, food, status-based recognition, fun, etc.

Constructive Criticism
– offer feedback when necessary
– constructive criticism helps workers in reaching their goals
– how you can effectively offer feedback: address problems when they are brought up, avoid bringing up past mistakes and focus on the future, etc.

Everyone Has a Purpose
– provide your employees with purpose to further motivate them
– 68% of employees believe that many companies are not doing enough to establish a sense of purpose
– ways to provide purpose to your team: explain where they fit within the company structure and how they contribute to the success of the company

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Now these are only a few key factors you should consider when aiming to better your work environment! At Future Access, we try our best to ensure our team is happy. It won’t always be “rainbows and butterflies” but a strong team will always get through any tough hurdle together. Try these tips out and see the improvement in your team – good luck!