Why Custom Web Development Will Still Count in 2017

Let me tell you a tale of pre-packaged themes.

Once upon a time, there was a business owner. This business owner wanted a website that would highlight all the services and products sure to bring in new business. So, he embarked on a quest for exceptional web design. But alas! Partway through the journey, this business owner took a turn into the Kingdom of Templates. Now, the Kingdom of Templates wasn’t a bad place, all in all. In fact, it looked quite nice on the outside, and design was very efficient.

But, soon enough, the business owner discovered rules that governed the Kingdom of Templates. This rigid set of rules kept him from fully customizing his website, denying some of the features and layouts he had dreamed of for so long. Try as he might, no plugin could help him break free of the constraints. Without a full redesign, he would be fated to remain in the kingdom, shackled to templates forever.

Custom Development vs.
Pre-Packaged Themes

Metaphors aside, there really is a big difference between custom web development and a pre-set theme. The biggest difference, of course, is constraint. Pre-made themes offer you some means of customization, but not to nearly the same extent as a theme built from the ground up by a web developer. Still, we understand the appeal of purchasing a ready-made theme. They’re an easy way to minimize cost and time for creating a website – at least, that’s how it looks at first glance.

Ultimately, there is more cost and time involved with a template theme. Over time, you’ll likely want to make changes to your website, either to stay consistent with trends or to update your own branding. When that time comes, a template doesn’t offer the same flexibility. You’ll find that a template limits your options for layout, styling, and functionality. As a result, your website will eventually get stuck in a rut. Blame it on the template.

Custom Websites: The Long-Term Solution

It may seem like a large investment up front, but when you compare it with the overall costs of a template site, a custom website is absolutely the most effective choice. So, if you’re exploring your options for a website build or redesign, think about the long-term opportunities. By laying the right foundation, you’ll be able to adapt to changes with greater ease and less cost.

Despite all the changes in tech, we still believe a custom website them reigns supreme. Don’t believe us? Get in touch with us; we’ll answer any questions you may have, and show you all the ways a custom website can work for you.