What To Expect When Developing A Website

So, you’re ready to start your web development project? Wonderful.

If you’re building a new website for your business, here are some important background steps:

  • You’ve selected a professional web developer that you feel comfortable working with.
  • You have met with said web developer to talk about the details of your new website.
  • You and the developer have reviewed and agreed to the project’s scope.

These first steps help start the project off right. From there, the design and development begins. While your developer will manage most of the development work, there are ways to contribute to the project.


What To Expect From Your Web Development Project

1. Your developer will ask you for files. Most often, developers will ask you to provide your company logo, as well as staff photos or any other images that are relevant to the site. It’s best to get them from you for time, quality, and copyright purposes.

2. Your developer will ask you for feedback. For our developers, it’s important to know that clients are satisfied with a specific phase of development before moving forward. That’s why we ask for feedback. It’s our way of checking in to ensure that you are content.

3. Your developer will ask you to clarify. No one knows your business like you do. So, in certain circumstances, your developer may ask you to clarify a portion of your services, product list, etc. We do this to make sure that your website represents your business correctly, and to ensure that users can navigate your site comfortably.

There may be other collaborative moments that pop up along the way, but this is the trifecta: files, feedback, and clarification.

Helping The Process

Outsourcing your website to a professional web developer is a wise choice. Even so, outsourcing does not mean that you will be excluded from the process. Professional web developers will want to hear your ideas and your feedback; after all, this site is yours. Your satisfaction is a priority in the process. That might mean a little time on your end, too. But you’re ultimately contributing to something that matters for your business, which makes any time spent worthwhile.