Future Access Favourites: Celebrating the Holidays

Is it too early to be talking about Christmas? Probably, but that’s not going to stop us! The Future Access team has been talking about Christmas since October came around and conversations about the jolly season are still going strong.

Every year, the Future Access team celebrates Christmas together, the challenge here is determining what we want to do. So naturally, we’ve been bickering back and forth and tossing ideas around. If you are a business looking to treat your team to a Christmas outing, hopefully we can help you skip the “bickering” portion!

Our Favourite Off-site Corporate Party Ideas

Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls 

niagara falls' clifton hill at night with the sky wheel. where to host a work christmas party in the niagara region. Clifton Hill is definitely a crowd pleaser here at Future Access. From mini putt to haunted houses, it’s hard not to enjoy their variety filled packages! We have a team of creative individuals, interested in many different things, so finding an off-site activity that keeps everyone engaged is what we aim for.

From a financial stand point, the best part about Clifton Hill are their large group discounts. That’s right bosses, your team can have fun without breaking your budget – I’d say that’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms have been all the rage for the last couple of years now, so of course the Future Access team had to jump on the bandwagon too! We gave Niagara Fall’s escape room a chance not too long ago and a lot of us enjoyed the experience.

Since your team will have to work together and do some problem solving, this doubles up as a great team building activity too (not to be cheesy or anything)! Escape rooms are a lot of fun and ensures everyone on the team has a role and is involved in the escape.

Shooting Range 

bill janzen holding a gun at a shooting range for future access' company Christmas party. st catharines ontario.Now, this one can be a bit iffy but we did do this a few years back and our team only speaks fondly of the experience. We enjoyed the shooting range because it was something a lot of us haven’t done before.

This gave us the opportunity to try something new and go through the experience together, as a team. We later found out that this option may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it was worth a shot (no pun intended). Besides, who else can say they’ve gone to a shooting range with their co-workers?!

Since Future Access is located in the Niagara Region, we are lucky enough to have a variety of off-site party options available to us. Regardless of your location, we hope this list inspires you to celebrate your team in a unique way. We urge you to explore local options to give back to your community. Final tip: don’t be afraid to try something new!