Future Access Favourites: Team Building Activities

Team building gives you the opportunity to get to know your fellow co-workers outside of their job description. It allows you and your team to further improve existing communication skills and fuels motivation in a fun way. The perks are not ground breaking but surely are must-haves in establishing a happy and successful business.

We’ve tried it all here at Future Access and have finally found the right team building activities for us! Get some team building inspiration with the help of our top 3 favourites (side note: we can’t guarantee that they’ll best suit your team but they are definitely worth a shot)!

Team Building (Future Access Style)

Future Access Employees playing video games and board games during scheduled team building time on game day fridayGame Day Fridays – The last Friday of every month is our scheduled game day. This is by far one of my personal favourites because it gives us a mental break and an opportunity to get to know each other, all while having fun! Our office is now a place that keeps us motivated to work harder while also making us feel comfortable with just being ourselves and I truly think that type of atmosphere has been accomplished through the help of monthly game days. Future Access’ 2 hour game days vary in activity – from video games and board games to online games and quizzes, we’ve done it all and always have a blast doing so!

Catch-up Meetings – Having a “sit down, let’s chat” type of day is something we don’t do all too often here but when we do, it is always extremely helpful. Our catch-up meetings are casual and usually involve food (such as pizza)! Dedicating a couple of hours to an open team discussion allows us to understand and help each other. It allows us to remember why we do what we do and why we love what we do – because let’s be honest, sometimes we forget when stress takes a toll. Addressing concerns and communicating ideas and solutions are the main benefits to catch-up meetings.

Future Access Staff celebrating employees birthdays. Workplace birthday. employee appreciationBirthday Celebrations – When a team members birthday occurs, we always set aside a little time within that week to celebrate their birthday! At Future Access, we attempt to sing Happy Birthday (we don’t sound too pretty though) and then finish with some goodies as per the birthday employee’s request. This is a good way to make your employees feel important and appreciated. It again, encourages the team to become closer, ultimately turning a workplace in to a happy place for everyone.

There are various ways to go about team building and the options are truly endless. These are our top picks that have worked for us and hopefully they work for your team as well! At the end of the day, always remember, a happy staff = a happy business.