How Much Does it Cost to Make an App?

There are thousands, maybe even millions of apps out there and I bet each and every one of those app creators have asked the daunting question: But, how much does it cost?

We are very familiar with this question and to be frank with you, we don’t have a clear answer to offer. Developing an app is much easier said than done and therefore, estimating the cost can be a little hard, especially if you’re looking to include difficult features and designs.

With that being said, although we can’t give you an exact number, we are capable of coming up with estimates! Providing information such as: what kind of app it is and what it will entail, will help in crafting a fairly accurate estimate.

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App Creation: Things to Consider

  • Calculations or reporting – will your app need to include complex calculations, calendars, visuals, or reports?
  • Native functionality or processing – will your app need to use the device’s camera, microphone, GPS, health data, etc.?
  • Offline modes – will your app allow for offline access/will it work even without a network or wireless connection?
  • Company use – is your app a proprietary software to help your company’s efficiency?
  • Regular usage – will your app include daily use of a system to support everyday life (ie. a calendar or regular notifications)?
  • Games – is your app a game?

Everything listed above are features that will impact the cost of your app. Internal factors such as: backend coding, design (wireframes, sitemap, logo creation, app screen design, etc.) and more are also elements that will impact the overall cost. Even then, this is only the beginning.

The time it takes to develop these features are another thing to consider and again, will also impact the total cost. Small features can take up to 1-2 days, medium features can take up to a week, and for large features it can range anywhere from 2 weeks to a month – it really depends on the app itself.

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Ball Park App Cost: $10,000 – $50,000

Now, this is a giant ball park amount but hey, maybe this will give you a rough idea of how much you should be putting aside for your app. The best way to get an accurate answer is to do research and create a detailed plan! Ask yourself this: What makes your app different from others? Once you’ve discovered your answer and understand the details of your potential app, reach out to us – we’re happy to meet with you and do some brainstorming together for free! All of our apps are made in-house by a team of people who genuinely want you and your app to succeed. We don’t outsource anything – it’s important that you can meet us face-to-face, as relationships are key.

If you’ve selected us as your app development partner, we want to make sure we’ve done a good job converting your idea into a product, and most importantly, we want to succeed with you together! We’re going to give you our advice and suggestions based on our experience of what works and what doesn’t.

At Future Access, we understand that apps are not cheap but we do try our best to come up with customized payment structures that will be best suited for you and your business. Our main focus is to build a relationship with you and to create a kick-butt app together!