How to Rank Number One on Google

“How do I become #1 on Google?”

Hands down, this is our most asked question to date. Everyone wants their business to be the first website a potential client clicks on when searching for a certain product or service but with the amount of websites already indexed on Google, is it possible to be #1?

To be honest with you, nobody really knows Google’s algorithm. Google makes it difficult to get on their “good side” but it is definitely not impossible. With that being said, we cannot guarantee you the #1 spot on Google but we do have a few tips and tricks to share with you to bring you closer to your goal.

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4 Ways to Improve Your Google Ranking

1. Keyword Relevance

“Keywords are the key words and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. A website that is well-optimized will “speak the same language” as its potential visitor.” – WordStream

Just like the quote states, keywords connect searchers to websites using language that potential clients understand and will most likely search for. The best way to determine the right keywords to use for your industry is through demographic analysis.

Understanding your demographic is so important when writing content; we highly recommend using Google Analytics and social media insights to really grasp your audience and their lifestyle. Other techniques and tools you should consider are: competitive research and Google Trends. For a better understanding on SEO and how it works, read: What is SEO?

2. Meta Data

“SEO metadata is what appears on search engine result pages when a website comes up for certain queries.” – Websight Design

In other words, meta data is the descriptive text used in titles, descriptions, and image Alt-text. Also including proper blog structure such as proper heading types and adding keywords where they naturally fit within the content, are all important steps in SEO.

Here is an example: we, at Future Access describe ourselves as, “Niagara’s leading web design and digital marketing agency, offering Website Design, SEO and Social Media Management, iOS & Android App Development.” We could’ve described ourselves as just another digital or creative agency but that would give Google a very limited amount of keywords to index. It is best to keep your meta data short yet descriptive.

3. Fresh Content

What does “fresh” content mean? Fresh content means to update your website with new content – no, this doesn’t mean revising your existing web pages like your Homepage or About page, it means creating new content on your website that Google has not indexed before. The best way to incorporate fresh content to your website is through blogging and event updates.

Creating a new blog post on a monthly basis and updating your event page whenever your business takes part in an event will give your website fresh content that is not only great for Google to index but also great for including keywords and giving your users more content to read. Learn more about the art of blogging in our previous blog post!

4. Google My Business

“Google My Business is a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google, including Search and Maps.” – Google Support

Having a Google My Business page is beneficial for any business wanting to grow their online presence. Google has made it possible for your business to appear as a listing whenever your business name is being searched or when certain keywords are searched. Google My Business is awesome as it makes searching much easier by including links to websites, phone numbers, maps, hours, and reviews.

Google reviews can really make or break your business. The more Google reviews you receive, the higher up Google will rank you. It is important to encourage customers to leave a review after their visit, it is also equally important to reply to all Google reviews as Google will see that you are actively engaging with your audience. Google My Business is something we always recommend to clients – whether they want to be #1 on Google or not, it is essential to have.

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Like stated before, we can’t promise you the #1 spot on Google but we can guarantee that your website’s Google ranking will improve, bringing you one step closer to making it to the first page or even within the top 5! At Future Access, we always encourage our clients to take these steps as we do want each and every one of our clients to be successful however, we also understand that there isn’t always “enough time in a day” to tackle all aspects of business. So with that in mind, we have developed a few different packages made to set your business up for success in the online world – meaning, we’ll handle the technical stuff so you can put all your efforts in other things that make your business great!