How to Stay Inspired This Fall

Hello Fall!

Crisp cool air, colourful crunchy leaves, burning ember and evergreen fragrances; just a few reasons why I love the fall season so much! Winter, spring and summer all have unique, one of a kind attributes but there is something about fall that I think most people can agree is much more inspiring!

To many people fall represents the start of a new school year, which organically carries an inspirational package of change and growth. However, if you’re a career goer, hustling the 9-5 grind, this is an inspiration opportunity for you! Fall is the perfect season to get creative, re-vamp your routine and embrace a spirit of gratitude!

1. Hello Creativity.

This first point is inspired by the beverage that pretty much signifies that the summer season is over: the Pumpkin Spice Latte. We all know once this sweet, hot and creamy beverage is added to the Starbucks menu that the fall season has officially begun!

I know it’s not a lot, it’s just a drink but every great creative idea starts somewhere and this small caffeinated beverage is the perfect excuse to rev up those creative endorphins!

Here’s the plan: scope out your favorite local café, make sure they have cozy seating and are open for long hours because you could be there for awhile! Bring your laptop if you have one, a notebook, pencil, pen, an inspirational book (one of my favorites is The Fire Starter Sessions by: Danielle Laporte) or a podcast playlist and earbuds.

I challenge you this month, whether you work alone or in an office, to incorporate an atmosphere of creativity! Think outside the box, you may have a good rhythm and consistency with your marketing/business objectives but can you be doing something better or differently? If your work place allows it, try hosting a “Caffeine & Creativity” session! Invite the team to brainstorm together and come up with some new tactics and ideas that you haven’t tried before! Inspiration often comes from the passionate ideas of others.

2. Hello Fall Focus.

Spring cleaning may be a thing but so is the importance of fall focus! This is the perfect time to get organized and prepare for the holiday season ahead!

First stop, your closet. Pick up some totes and start organizing your wardrobe. Separate your summer, warm weather items into a pile to store away for next year and start a donation pile featuring items you no longer need/want.

Now for the fun part, dig up all your fall clothes from last year and start taking inventory! Try to put together some new looks that you can incorporate for the days you have appointments or need to go  into the office. Having ideas of what to wear ahead of time will allow you more time in the morning to catch up on your social media feed!

Another thing you can do whether you work alone or in an office is take inventory of the different tools you are using to communicate your brand. Are they meeting all your requirements? Are there possibly some resources you don’t currently have that would help your marketing effectiveness?

Or maybe, you are paying for some services that are not helping you at all! Sometimes finding the right software or tool can actually inspire a whole new realm of business/marketing possibilities that you never even considered possible!

3. Hello Gratitude.

In preparation for the end of the year the earlier you can take care of all the little things that sometimes cause anxiety or stress, the more you can make time to appreciate the beauty of the season.

One of the best inspirations for fall aside from nature is spending time with family and friends. Fall is a season to be grateful.

One thing you or your business can do to feel inspired this fall is make a list of some of your most esteemed partnerships or clients and hand write personal messages of gratitude and thanks to them! By personalizing the message, they will feel valued and important. Not only will you make their day better, but you will feel empowered too as you see your business relationships strengthen.

It’s so easy to skip over the little things as we go about our daily routines but this fall I hope you will have the awareness and the ability to embrace and be inspired by it!