Move Your Brand from Like to Love


There are a few different reasons why our minds fluctuate from liking a brand to loving it! A lot of the time the decision is simple because the quality and necessity of the brand is outstanding and we immediately love it. Quite often though, it is the small details in which the product is presented that make a difference between liking and loving it.

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5 Ways to Help Elevate Your Brand Status from Like to Love:

1. Let your brand personality shine

There are so many brands competing for attention, this is why the most important thing you can do for your business is identify your brand identity. What values are most important to your business? What problems are you helping to solve? What do you want people to know about you? Answering these questions internally will have a strategic effect on your brand positioning itself externally.

Another nice way to differentiate your brand is to create a style guide for your business, including specific fonts, colours and themes. Take the opportunity to present an authentic and personal relationship with your customers. Let them know the cause you are passionate about and the positive programs you support. This will help your brand personality shine! Take a minute right now to make a list of key words that best reflect your brand personality. Are these words on your list being represented right now in your customer communication on social media, e-newsletters, blogs, and in sales? Keep this list nearby, it will help keep your identity on point when creating new brand content!

2. Cultivate authentic relationships

Brand and consumer relationships have evolved through technology and are much more accessible than ever before. Gone are the days of 1-800 numbers and inaccessible corporate suits! The most successful brands today have built up a solid following of loyal brand ambassadors by implementing an “I need you and you need me” type of relationship. It is an exchange between both parties where both benefit.

If you want to break the barrier between like and love affection towards your brand, you need to listen to your consumers comments on social media and respond to questions and needs in a timely manner. Go beyond reaction responses and try to be proactive including your target in polls and surveys about possible upcoming ideas you have for your brand. Involving your client base in decisions like this will help them get excited and feel like they matter to your brand.

3. Offer exclusivity

It’s okay to start small. As your brand evolves, continue to build your customer base. Aim to keep them involved and interested along the way. One way to do this is to allow your customer to feel inclusive with your brand.

Create a group which receives exclusive content including e-newsletters with special events and workshop notifications. This is a wonderful way to stay connected with your following. Let them know about upcoming sales, new merchandise, important upcoming events and any other need-to-know information about your brand. You can decide if you would like to open this up for free to everyone or possibly create a tier system which involves a small fee for more elaborate perks. Some of the benefits to being part of an exclusive club could be free samples of your upcoming products before they launch to the public, VIP tickets to functions with preferred seating or  yearly gifts. The sky is the limit!

4. Go the extra mile

 Much like in real relationships there are no shortcuts to building and fostering a ‘love’ relationship between your brand and customer base!

It takes time and commitment to achieve excellence. Brands that succeed are driven to maintain a professional and consistent image. Beyond a polished look on all documentation, website content, emails and phone calls, a business that goes the extra mile always listens to their customer and follows up with any concerns. The goal is to resolve situations quickly and effectively, even if it means giving away something for free to make the customer happy. This extra level of care and concern will not only resolve the situation but result in a loyal, satisfied customer!

5. Gratitude will take you far

Be thankful for your humble beginnings and for the loyal followers who have stuck with you on your journey to becoming better! Acknowledging specific people, whether it be employees, sponsors, or customers, is a great way to say “thank you.” Celebrating your brand and the people who have helped you get to this point is something you don’t want to push aside or ignore. Making someone feel appreciated, purposeful, and loved will only give you and your brand that same kind of respect back.

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Becoming a brand that people love in today’s society has a lot to do with intentional giving. It’s all about knowing your customers and interacting with them on a meaningful level. Take advantage of the fact that It’s never been easier in this digital age to communicate your brand identity! Be thankful for the connection you are fostering with consumers. Embrace their insights and ideas, let them share in your brand story!

In taking these steps you will surely see your brand status turn from like to LOVE!