Overcoming Writer’s Block as a Blog Writer

Writing is all fine and dandy until writer’s block kicks in. Whether you’re a student forced to write an essay, an author, or in this case, a blog writer – we’ve all been through it. And, I’m sure we can mutually agree that writer’s block is no fun.

Unfortunately, not all of us are able to take our sweet time when it comes to writing. Most times, we are writing to meet a deadline so taking a leisurely break is not always an option when writer’s block decides to creep in.  After years of writing article after article, I am excited to bring you three ways you can overcome writer’s fatigue from a blogger’s standpoint!

Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

 What’s Trending in Your Industry?

Ask yourself this question if you are stumped on a blog topic. Every industry has something new and exciting going on, so train yourself to keep your eyes and ears peeled for trends and big changes.

It’s not always easy keeping up with industry trends so I would suggest subscribing to reliable news outlets, blogs, or big name companies within your industry.

Seek out popular and credible brands and bookmark them on your browser for convenience. These brands in particular have two jobs: to stay ahead of the curve and to inform those in the industry. With reliable references, you can deliver “trending right now” content to your readers. In turn, this will make your brand appear relevant and credible in the industry.

Just Write Something – Literally, Anything!

Sometimes the best blogs come from nothing. People often say that overthinking kills creativity and that’s where writer’s block can stem from. The key to getting out of this rut is to just write something – with no plans or topic in mind.

The “freestyle” approach is easier said than done but once you get in to the swing of it, the blog will almost write itself. The initial push is sometimes the only thing you need to get in to the routine of writing!

Read Blogs for Inspiration

Reading blogs written by other people in your industry can really help cure writer’s fatigue simply because it will get your brain up and running.

I tend to draw a lot of inspiration from other people’s blogs. In fact, this blog was actually inspired by 0 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block When Blogging.

Reading other people’s opinion on something I am interested in is always eye opening but that doesn’t mean I always agree with them. When taking inspiration from blogs written by others, always remember to add your own flare and twist to it. Not only is plagiarism illegal, it is also just plain ole boring and unoriginal.

Try reading someone else’s blog and then, write your own take on it featuring your own thoughts, perspectives, and experiences. If it’s a write-up that is not opinion-based but instead factual, try to present the topic in a different way. Change up the voice or the order to keep content fresh and original.

Unfortunately, I cannot promise that these three techniques will keep writer’s block from happening again. But, I do hope that these tips will help you handle it better when it does strike back. Happy writing fellow bloggers!