10 Words To Perk Up Your Content

It’s way too easy to fall into redundant, boring language. And it’s not because the English language itself is boring.

I fear many of us have fallen into a linguistic rut, settling for passive sentences and a handful of bland adjectives. Words like innovative, unique, and disruptive have become common speak in content marketing, and the main problem with that? We’ve seen it all before. It might get our point across (to some extent), but why not aim for content that’s a little more dynamic? Standout content starts with a choice to try something different.

Disclaimer: This post isn’t a foolproof guide to the exact words that will give you better conversions. Instead, it’s a way to get you thinking about how you can creatively add some spark to your content, presentations, etc.


10 Words To Consider the Next Time You Write

1. Ingenuious: You’ve seen the word innovation everywhere, but some of its synonyms have still gone unnoticed. Ingenious, for example, isn’t used nearly as much, and will likely have a stronger impact as a result.

2. Clever: Clever is a very simple word, so I’m not sure why people don’t use it more often. It has a great edge to it, and implies more of a mischievous intelligence.

3. Unorthodox: If you’re aiming to describe a product or service that balks at tradition, acknowledge it clearly with the word unorthodox. Maybe it’ll disrupt the market – but, next time around, choose to say it differently.

4. Inimitable: This word is one step beyond incomparable. If you truly believe that what you have to offer is unique, why not communicate that with a stronger word?

5. Distinctive: If you’re not prepared to claim a product or service is inimitable just yet, aim for a word like distinctive. It still implies this product or service has its own set-apart features, but with a gentler claim.

6. Indisputable: Show them confidence! Tell them it’s indisputable. As you think about it, though, remember: this is a very strong claim. Aim for honest language first, then find the colourful way to say it.

7. Charming: Frankly, I just love this word. It can carry any number of connotations, depending on context. Try it out and see what form it takes.

8. Robust: Add strength with a simple, to-the-point adjective. Two syllables to make your content speak louder.

9. Unwavering: Instead of steady or solid, find different ways to connect your customers to your consistency and commitment.

10. Optimum: There’s more than one way to tell them that what you have to offer is best. Optimum is definitely one way to tell them!


Why Quirky Word Choices Can Work

Intentionally searching for richer, less-used wording may seem like a strange exercise. But, it’ll accomplish one important task: it’ll ensure you mean what you say. Ultimately, cutting through the clutter of generic content will help create trust with consumers. And better still? Creating content will be more fun.

So, next time you approach your content, think about what you mean most to say. Then, think about what words will communicate it best. With some additional effort, you’ll see your content revive.