Beyond Montessori School

Future Access developed a website for Beyond Montessori School back in 2012. After their move to a brand new location, they reached out to us for a website revamp to achieve a more modern look and feel. The main goal is to further promote their services therefore, we focused on simplifying navigation, communication, and emphasizing their programs.

Web Development

Built on a WordPress CMS platform, we chose to highlight Beyond Montessori School's programs and services through a checklist created on the website. To encourage communication between current and potential clients, we also added various ways to contact the school and made sure the website was responsive on all devices.

Video Production

Using provided video content from Beyond Montessori School, Future Access created a video banner to add movement to the homepage. Not only does the video banner add movement but it also captures the school's environment, as well as grabbing the attention of their audience as soon as they go on to their website.