Kraun Electric is a full service electrical company with a customer base in the Golden Horseshoe and beyond. As a full service contractor they can provide all electrical construction services from conceptual design through construction to building maintenance. Kraun was looking for a redevelop of their current online presence and working together with them, we were able to bring their vision to life through: Web Development, Digital Marketing, Copywriting and Database Application development.

Digital Marketing

The website was optimized with organic SEO to make sure Kraun is found when needed and each social media channel integrated to motivate community conversations.


We worked with Kraun professionals for a re-rewrite of all the copy on their new website to best showcase their skills and services.

Web Development

Kraun's new website is mobile-friendly and integrated with Wordpress, which enables quick and easy updates to site content and makes sure the services are being showcased properly

Database Applications

A custom database was developed to enable Kraun's customers to communicate efficiently with the team. Essential files and plans are easily transferred through the customer portal to share project details with decision makers.