NutraBeeā„¢ was founded in 2000 by Fatima Basic (famously known as Mrs. Bee) and her husband, Saban. NutraBee is a family run business which focuses on providing unprocessed Canadian honey and bee products.Ā Located in St. Catharines, Ontario with a market expanding beyond Canadian soil, NutraBee experienced an immediate increase in sales as soon as the website launched. Through digital marketing, Future Access is continuously growing NutraBee’s client relationships and sales in various ways and on multiple platforms.

Web Development

Developed on a Canadian and American Shopify to reach both audiences, NutraBee's new website is made to be user-friendly for both the customer and the NutraBee team. To grow their newsletter following, we made sure to include a hassle-free sign up functionality. We also added a page exclusively for online offers and ensured navigation was simple yet practical to improve customer experience.

Digital Marketing

AdWords is a great platform for NutraBee to integrate into their marketing initiatives as they can use Adwords Shopping campaigns to promote their online and local inventory, boost traffic to the website and local store, and find better qualified leads. Shopping ads are more than just text-only ads as they show users a photo of the product, title, price, store name and more. Giving users a strong sense of the product they are selling even before they click on the ad.