Royal City Soccer Club

Royal City Soccer

Non-profit community organization, Royal City Soccer Club, have been hosting unique soccer camp experiences for thousands of boys and girls since 1993. Royal City Soccer aims to provide a safe and encouraging environment and promotes enjoyment, participation, and team play. To target their many locations in both Canada and America, we developed a multi-site with an easy-to-use mapping functionality and enhanced their online presence through adwords and social media.

Web Development

To target each Royal City Soccer location we chose to create a multi-site. This multi-site includes features such as: a mapping and location functionality, a video background (with the use of provided content), and a user-friendly camp program page that is both eye catching and practical.

Digital Marketing

Royal City Soccer chose Future Access to begin their online marketing efforts with. First starting their nation-wide Google AdWords campaign, we manage their Soccer Camp ads across Canada and into the United States. Other paid marketing we have been involved with is their promoted Facebook Ads, helping with camp counselling staff recruitment in various locations.