St. Catharines Club

St. Catharines Club

The St. Catharines Club is a destination for Niagara’s business leaders, a relaxed environment to discuss the arts, entertainment, industry, culture and enjoy the libations and culinary experience crafted daily by the hospitality team. For the St. Catharines Club we designed a custom website to help them promote the atmosphere and culture by emphasizing the building itself.  Also developed a on-site member log-in allowing management to notify members of events.

Web Development

Throughout the web design process it was established that The St. Catharines Club wanted a clean website that used real pictures of their club to emphasize the atmosphere established in their organization. With custom design work, we utilized the rich and bold colours of their building and set clear user pathways to lead people through their site with ease and satisfaction. For internal members, creating an on-site member login was essential to success as it enables management to inform members of important dates and events.

Video Production

When visiting the St. Catharines Club website, we wanted to grab the attention of the audience. Through video production we were able to create a video banner using existing content to help the St. Catharines Club showcase their amenities.