App Development

The right app can be a huge cost-saver for any business.

Got a great idea for an app? We’re in!

Whether you’re looking for an iOS or Android app, we have the team and skill to develop an app for you, of any size. Apps are great if you need one of the following:

  • Calculations or reporting – manipulations of data with complex calculations, calendars, visuals, or reports
  • Native functionality or processing – use of a device’s camera, microphone, GPS, health data, or even processing power
  • Offline modes – providing offline access to content or perform functions without a network/wireless connection
  • Company use – proprietary software to help your company become more efficient and save dollars
  • Regular usage/personalization – daily use of a system to support everyday life – such as a calendar or regular notifications
  • Games – mobile gaming is a huge market right now


How much does an app cost?

This is the question that everyone wants to know. There are a lot of factors that affect the cost of an app; design, types of interactivity, number of screens, admin and management systems, revenue model system, etc.. It’s difficult to give an exact quote without learning more from you first, so we want to have a meeting with you –  so that we can show you some examples of our work, and give you some ideas about time and cost.

Creating a wireframe is a great way to have an interactive prototype of your app before proceeding with full development, at a fraction of the cost. A wireframe allows us plan out all features and functionality, and you can see a demo of it.

Best of all, we reduce the cost of our quote by what you spend on a wireframe, so it’s an investment – not a lost cost. The wireframe is yours, so you’re also welcome to  shop around with it (although we hope we can work with you!)

We keep everything in-house

We put relationships first! While it may be less-expensive to outsource (we understand apps aren’t cheap), we want to work directly with you, face-to-face and make sure your app is a quality product with a perfect user-experience. As an experienced and eclectic team, we want to help you develop, innovate, and succeed.

Everything from design to launch happens in-house, and you’ll always be working closely with our staff to make sure you get that app in your mind, into a fully-functional, professional and polished app that you can be proud of. It’s important that we’re always on the right track and there are no surprises along the way.