Google Ads

We can help you create and manage your ads and increase your sales.

Become #1 on Google

Everyone always asks us “how do I become first on Google?” and there’s a very long (and complicated answer), but put simply,  you need to do two things:

1. Make sure you rank organically through SEO
2. Have a reputable agency manage a Google Ads account

Running a successful Google Ad campaign can be overwhelming. In fact, Google has their very own education system to help become a certified “Google Expert”.  We proudly wear our “Google Partner” badge, as we have helped business big and small succeed and thrive online.

That badge means: Google identifies us as an effective agency capable of manage multiple clients, while providing a good conversion rate, resulting in significant profit for those companies.

Would you like that for your business? We can help!

Search Ads

Search Ads are found when you search for something on Google. They are most often found in the top results on your search results page, and triggered by specific keywords. They are PPC (pay-per-click), so it’s only when a user clicks on an ad that you pay anything – you don’t pay for impressions.

Ads can be targeted toward users of a related interest, location, demographic, etc. so we can be make every click count!

Display Ads

Display Ads are found as images when you’re viewing websites that are part of the Google Display Network. They are usually found in the header, footer, sidebar, and mixed-in with content.

Associated with Display Ads, is “remarketing”: a way for Google to show a user the same Ad multiple times, once it knows you have an interest in a particular service or website. Like Search Ads, they can be displayed.

No matter your business or budget, we’ll help you develop the best approach to your paid search results.

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