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Paid Search, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and all various words that define one service – advertising you only pay for when people click on your ad.  The greatest advantage of PPC and CPM ads is the immediate impact. While organic SEO typically yields results gradually, paid search ads can give you tangible results from the beginning. If you want to see changes in your PageRank as soon as possible, paid search is the best option. That’s why we typically suggest a combination of organic SEO and paid search; you can leverage the immediate results of a PPC/CPM campaign while compiling keyword-rich content that improves your search engine performance in the long term.

Regardless of which paid search method, you wish to use, we can help you create and manage your ads. We often recommend Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to our clients, as they are both extremely popular sites and receive large-volume traffic themselves. With any digital marketing strategy, it’s best to take your message to a channel where consumers are already spending time.

Are you interested in targeting buyers when they search for your product or service? Targeted Paid Search is what you should invest in and we are here to help! Google AdWords is the way to get your business to show up when people are searching for you to help boost sales and website traffic.

Our staff is Adwords certified and capable of getting your account set-up and running to its fullest potential and Google Ad standards. From the initial debrief, daily campaign management and monthly reporting, we make sure that you understand where your money is going and what your return on investment is for each month because when you are successful, so are we!

Ready to Give Paid Ads a Try?

Facebook has left it’s mark on our generation and has helped change the way that we interact with our friends, families and businesses. When it comes to showcasing the lifestyle of your brand by increasing attendance for your event or get more participants for your new contest, Facebook is a tool you need!

Facebook Advertising is one of the most effective ways to advertise online, helping you connect to users across any device. With the potential for your business to reach 2 billion Facebook users worldwide we are able to help you create targeted campaigns based on their location, age, gender, interests and more!

Ready to Give Paid Ads a Try?

No matter your needs, we’ll help you develop the best approach to your paid search results.