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The internet is a big place. We can help you make sure your website is optimized for Google and other search engines.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google and the search engines use complex algorithms to decide which websites are ranked at the top of search results pages. How your website is built, what content it presents, and where it is listed across the web are some of the key determining factors to being present near the top. Our SEO Niagara services at Future Access secure search visibility and build Google’s trust for higher rankings.

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SEO Core Plan

This base monthly plan is the necessary starting point for any business regardless of size or industry. Although businesses in more competitive industries and those wanting significant ranking increases may require additional efforts, this plan is often enough to get your website a good search engine presence and decent traffic by providing the biggest bang for your buck.

SEO Core Plan
Prices are per month + HST
Requires a minimum 6 month commitment
The text content on your static website pages needs to align with what people are searching for. In the first month of your plan, we’ll research relevant keyword phrases, and we’ll choose up to 4 key pages on your website on which we will alter headings, body content/semantics, and/or other text to optimize for those phrases.
Slow pages on websites make unhappy users and an unhappy Google. Each month, we verify page speeds and determine if there is room for improvement. If so, we’ll spend up to 30 minutes attempting to further speed things up.
We perform dozens of tests and scans to check if technical errors exits. Google doesn’t like website issues like broken links, improper naming, orphaned pages and page errors, so we verify no new ones have surfaced each month. And if they have, we’ll include up to 30 minutes to repair them.
We set up Google & Bing business accounts for your brand and monitor details monthly to ensure continued accuracy.
Having your business and website details consistently and accurately listed across credible online directories is key for search engine trust. We list you across dozens of reputable directories accordingly and manage any unwanted duplicates or incorrect/inconsistent information that can appear over time.
Search engines can have trouble finding all the pages on your website. We’ll submit the proper listing of your website pages monthly to Google so that it only lists new and correct pages as opposed to old or deleted ones.
Unanswered negative customer reviews are a deterrent both for search engines and web surfers. While we can’t respond to reviews for you, we will monitor dozens of key customer review websites and let you know when reviews come in so that you can post a response.
Get the monthly lowdown on your website speed and your ranking changes on Google.

Advanced SEO Offerings

The SEO Core Plan is a great suite of essential rank-boosting efforts and may be enough to get your search engine presence where you want it to be. But if you want to put true dedicated focus and investment towards your rankings, or if you are in a more competitive industry, some of these extras are likely for you.

Article Writing
+ Publishing
per article + HST
Google loves fresh, unique, educational and informational articles published to your website over time. We’ll write a new relevant article after researching relevant industry topics and then optimize and publish it to a news section of your website.
Additional Keyword Research & Page Content Improvements
per 4 additional pages + HST
For larger websites and/or websites with broad offerings. We’ll double the "Keyword Research & Page Content Improvement" efforts included in the first month of the SEO Core Plan to find more relevant keyword phrases, and optimize 4 additional pages.
Link Building
per month + HST + budget
Possibly the best tactic to overtake competition in rankings, but also the most time cumbersome. This involves us working to connect with hundreds of suitable website owners and request for them to add a link to your website, sometimes for a cost. Google treats links from other trustworthy websites as big votes of confidence for yours.

We recommend a mix of organic SEO and paid marketing campaigns to provide the best results, as both serve unique purposes. If you need help getting started or maintaining current SEO strategies, let’s talk.