Shopify Vs. WooCommerce: Which One is Better?

To Shopify or to WooCommerce – that is the question… 

This isn’t the first time we’ve been asked this and it definitely will not be the last. For those looking to create their very own online shop, this blogs for you!

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a Canada-based company famously known for being the “easiest” e-commerce platform. Simplifying the process of online selling and managing a growing brand, Shopify handles the tough side of owning an online business – making it easier for business owners to focus their time on design and store experience instead.

We focus on making commerce better for everyone, so businesses can focus on what they do best: building and selling their products. Today, merchants use our platform to manage every aspect of their business — from products to orders to customers, selling online, in retail stores, and on the go. – Shopify

What is WooCommerce?

Easy to use with hefty integration and helpful marketing and accounting tools, WooCommerce is known for their “limitless” customization capabilities. WooCommerce is an open source and free WordPress plugin that allows you to handle both the front-end experience as well as backend reporting.

Proudly bootstrapped and built around a firm belief in work-life balance we have big ambitions to become the ultimate WordPress toolkit provider. – WooCommerce

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Shopify Vs. WooCommerce

Now that we’ve got a better understanding of both e-commerce options, let’s zoom in on the differences.

Shopify – The Difference:

  • extremely simple to use
  • hosts everything for you
  • offers unlimited 24/7 toll free support
  • start selling immediately
  • capable of running your shop on the go

Shopify Features: 

  • advanced shopping cart features, web-based website builder, full blogging platform, mobile commerce ready, free SSL certificate, automatic carrier shipping rates, accepts credit cards, 70 payment gateways, flexible shipping rates, customer profiles/accounts/groups, order fulfillment, email templates, dropshipping, refunds, web hosting, and analytics

WooCommerce – The Difference:

  • installed on your own server and gives you complete ownership of your store
  • limitless design options (very customization)
  • lower ongoing costs
  • typically requires more maintenance

WooCommerce Features:

  • WordPress content integration, pre-installed payment gateways, total control of the checkout process, geo-location support, reduce page loading, product types, product variables, inventory management, shipping calculations, cart calculator, flexible shipping destinations, custom tax calculations, restrict sales, multiple shipping methods, simplified coupon system, product reviews and multilingual support

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Conclusion: Which one is better?

The answer truly does vary depending on your needs and wants but let’s get straight to the point.

If you are already using WordPress,  really need multilingual support, and are looking for the cheapest option available – then WooCommerce would be perfect for you.

However, if none of those qualities listed above describes what you’re looking for, for your online business, then we highly recommend you choose Shopify instead. When weighing out the pros and cons, Shopify is much easier to manage and more reliable, and can be cost effective for any size business. It’s great for on the go, and offers tons of features and support to ensure your online business is successful.

If you’re still on the fence about both e-commerce options, we can help! Let’s discuss your business goals and work together to find out if Shopify or WooCommerce is right for you.