Simple Ways to Improve Your Email Writing Skills

We’ve talked about email marketing and all the do’s and don’ts of running an email campaign but we haven’t touched on writing emails as a whole before.

Email writing is an essential skill to have, especially in a professional setting. It is extremely important to know how to write an email that is easy to understand, kind, and straight to the point. After a few years of replying to thousands and thousands of emails, it is safe to say that we’ve gained some skills in this particular department – let’s dive in!

How to Write Better Emails

1. Get to the Point

To avoid potential miscommunication, you can never go wrong with getting straight to the point. If you feel like your email comes off a little too straight forward, don’t be afraid to add a kind transitional sentence like:

“Hi there! I’m sure you are very busy today so I’ll  just get right to the point…”

2. One Big Suggestion or Idea Per Email

Including only one “big idea” in an email is ideal; it makes it easier for you and the other person to get on the same page quicker, ultimately eliminating potential mishaps. After the initial greeting portion of the email, try to propose your idea with transitions such as:

“The ideal solution is…”, ” The key takeaway is…”, or “Here is what I’d suggest…”. 

3. Avoid Open-Ended Questions

Cut to the chase and be confident with the questions you are asking. Although it might be obvious to you, humans are not mind readers, let them know what the next steps are. Example:

“I believe launching the new marketing campaign next month would be beneficial. If you agree please reply with “Yes”, if not, please reply “No” and explain your reasoning. Thank you.” 

We understand that writing emails might not be everyone’s strong suit, this is exactly why we chose to touch on this topic. Learning how to write an effective and efficient email is a very important skill to have and with these tips, we hope we made the process much easier for you!