Summertime Team Building with Future Access

It’s been about a year since we’ve done an article about team building but we’re back at it again and excited to share our favourite summertime team building activities with you all! As we’ve stated numerous times before, team building is something we really cherish at Future Access.

As mentioned in our last team building blog, we have scheduled game day Fridays every month as well as birthday celebrations for our staff members. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we chose to stick to our favourites but this time, we added a slight summer twist!

Our Favourite Team Building Activities (Summer Edition)

Outdoor Game Day

As proud computer geeks, we truly love being indoors. In fact, it can be a little difficult to hype everyone up for an outdoor game day. Luckily, we’re mostly team players and will take on the great outdoors if majority of the team wants to.

Last outdoor game day consisted of a trip to Port Dalhousie, a riveting game of Kan Jam, soccer, and ice cream! Need I say more?

Outdoor game day forces us to step away from our office and our everyday toys and distractions (also known as computers, cellphones, anything tech-y) and to embrace what summer has to offer. Even the ones who didn’t want to attend had a great time!

Take a Break From Regular Lunch Breaks

I don’t know what your lunch breaks look like but at Future Access, we typically have a nice relaxing lunch consisting of food and casual conversations. Now that summer is here, we are feeling much more energized and active. So, naturally the typical sit-down-and-eat lunches turned in to our very own recess!

During our lunch breaks you can find us playing catch indoors or soccer in our parking lot. I can happily report that no furniture, computers, or cars have been damaged during our Future Access recesses… yet. In all seriousness, this new active lunch approach has been doing our team some good as it gives our bodies a chance to stretch and move.

Team Meetings Out On The Patio

This is a relatively new one but it went pretty well so you bet we’ll be having another “beer and brainstorm” session out on the patio this summer! Take a couple of hours to brainstorm fresh ideas in a whole new setting with your team and prepare yourself for a creative evening.

The casual atmosphere makes everyone feel more comfortable and open to sharing their thoughts and opinions. Pro-tip: to activate maximum creativity, we suggest involving food and drinks!

Team building and proper communication at a workplace is very important. Happy employees equate to a happy work environment, which ultimately equates to productivity. Our goal at Future Access is to not only provide good services and work for our clients but to also offer a positive work environment for our employees to keep them inspired, motivated, and most importantly, happy!