The Art of Blogging

Blogging is something we often recommend to our clients Рbut why? Although, blogging can be a time consuming task, it plays a significant role in the business and marketing world.

Why You Should Start Blogging for Your Business

1. Blogging drives traffic to your website

cars in traffic on a highway shot with a high speed camera functionality. future access brings in traffic with blogging. st. catharines.Every blog post you publish = another indexed page on your website. This gives your website another opportunity to appear in search engines, ultimately driving more organic traffic.

On top of that, blogging puts you on Google’s (and other search engines’) nice list because it shows that you are actively maintaining your website. Being on Google’s nice list will help your online ranking – which again, leads to more traffic!

Another way blogging can drive traffic to your website is through social media. Every time you publish a blog, you’re creating content for social media users to share on to social platforms. This means, your blog can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn – anytime, anywhere!

2. Blogging assists in establishing authority

woman blogging on a macbook laptop on a desk. future access. niagaraBlogging allows you to answer common questions that the public may have about your business or your industry. This means, you will be offering answers, tips, tricks, and helpful information, making you a trustworthy source and an authority in the eyes of the user.

Answering questions through blogging also displays your education and experience, again making your business appear more knowledgeable to the user. Since users are stumbling across your blogs for answers, they are already developing a relationship with your business, even before the sale has been made.

3. Blogging turns traffic in to leads

man and woman shaking hands at a cafe. blogging brings in sales and leads. future access. torontoThrough blogging, you are educating your user by sharing your experience and services, ultimately, giving them knowledge on your brand before they commit to the sale.

If a user is reading your blog, it is safe to say that they are interested in whatever you have to offer and all they need to do now is hit the call-to-action button! This conversion is much more effective as oppose to in-person sales.

With a blog available to users wherever, whenever, it allows them to reference it when needed. Again, helping the sales process. Having access to a blog which answers their concerns allows them to read and understand at their own pace, which is less intimidating for both salesperson and in-store client. This also helps filter out the uninterested and “just curious” clients vs. interested clients.

Now that you know why you should blog, the struggle now is buckling down and finding time to blog. We want to make blogging easier on you by offering you our blogging services! Future Access has a marketing team willing and ready to tackle any blog topic you throw at them! From proof reading client-written blogs, properly optimizing content to writing a whole article ourselves, we can assure you that your blog will be managed by professionals.