The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

E-blasts and digital newsletters are not new when it comes to digital marketing. I bet if you check your inbox or junk mail now, you will have at least one waiting for you! Email marketing is an effective way for businesses to connect with their online following in a more personal and private manner.

Communication, exposure, and clicks can all be gained when pushing out the ‘perfect’ campaign. The question now is: what is a ‘perfect’ campaign?  Instead of coming up with a cookie cutter formula that might not work for your business or your audience, we have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts you should follow when creating your very own email marketing campaign!

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Email Marketing Do’s

1. Use a sign-up form to grow your email list. Having clients that are genuinely interested will be good analytically and from a business stand point as well.

2. Use catchy preheader text and subject lines to intrigue your audience. Make sure it is relevant so your audience knows what to expect when opening your email.

3. Personalize your emails to not only grab your audiences’ attention but to also reinforce and emphasize the community-like relationship you have with them. Nothing beats a personal touch!

4. Proof read your emails before sending them out! You always want to make a good impression on your client.

5. Always look over your analytical insights before whipping up your next campaign. It is a good idea to look over your analytical reports to better understand your audience.

Email Marketing Don’ts

1. Don’t buy an email list! Buying an email list almost guarantees unsubscriptons, a poor open rate, and an invite to the user’s junk mail folder.

2. Don’t use the same content in every email. Change things up to keep clients engaged.

3. Don’t send emails to all your subscribers at the same time. With technology getting smarter, email platforms are now able to detect these details. To protect their users they may automatically flag your email.

4. Don’t forget to send out a “welcome” email to new subscribers. A “welcome” email will keep you fresh in their minds.

5. Don’t use clickbait-sounding subject lines or preheaders. Clients want to be informed and know what they are opening.

woman checking emails on a laptop. digital agency, future access shares the do's and don'ts to email marketing.

Following these basic do’s and don’ts will steer your next email campaign in the right direction! For the ultimate email campaign, we also want to mention this bonus tip: make sure your emails are branded and beautiful! We didn’t discuss design in this article but visuals definitely play a large role in making your business ‘pop’.

Think about it: there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of e-blasts being sent out on a daily basis, what’s going to make yours stand out from the rest? For more tips on email marketing: contact us! Our team of professionals will happily help you develop a kick-butt strategy and design.