The Importance of Creative Team Brainstorming

As of last year, Future Access introduced Team Beer and Brainstorming sessions. Instead of an awkward, let’s-talk-business situation, we opted for a more casual approach to make sure everyone feels comfortable.

After hosting a few bi-monthly sessions we realized just how important it is to have these scheduled conversations and discussions. The impact team brainstorming has made on our team and the overall office environment has been very beneficial for us, and this is why we want to share with you the importance of creative team brainstorming as a business.

3 Reasons to Brainstorm as a Team

Team Building

Team building is a topic we’ve touched on numerous times in our blogs and on social media. If you’re a Future Access follower, you would know that we host bi-monthly team Game Days to encourage team building in a fun and interactive way.

Game Days have proven to be quite successful in helping our team bond but because we are so occupied by fun activities, it doesn’t give us a chance to talk a whole lot of business.

Team Beer and Brainstorming sessions allows us to team build on a completely different level – one that is still casual, yet serious and more relevant to our industry and business goals. It gave us the opportunity to share our thoughts and where we hope to see Future Access in the future.

Different Perspectives and Ideas

Brainstorming as a team means that there are a collection of different thoughts, opinions, perspectives, and ideas. Although that may seem overwhelming, it can also be very helpful, especially if ideas are becoming stale.

Stale ideas tend to stem from a single person generating ideas. And, although that person might have fantastic ideas, its always nice to take a peek at what goes on in other people’s heads.

Making Beer and Brainstorming sessions a regular thing at Future Access has allowed us to see things in a different light. Sometimes, we as human beings get so stuck in our own heads. Opening up this conversations gives team members of different departments an opportunity to share fresh, unbiased ideas.

Improved Critical Thinking

With team brainstorming sessions comes positive and negative honesty – which is not a bad thing!  Sharing concerns and problems forces us to practice our critical thinking and problem solving skills. This is a skill you want to encourage to further personal and team growth.

At Future Access, it is pretty incredible to hear the innovative ideas our team members come up with. When a problem is presented, you can see each one of our team members processing the problem and coming up with an unbiased and logical solution.

Now, this skill takes time to develop but with every Beer and Brainstorming session we have, there is a visible difference. Our problem solving skills are quicker and come from a more logical and well-thought out place.

In doing these casual meetings, we found out that most of our team members have very similar goals. Now that we are aware of that, we are able to help each other succeed in reaching those achievements. Our work ethic and communication has improved tremendously and our goal for Future Access as a whole has never been clearer. This is why we want to encourage businesses of all kinds to try out monthly or bi-monthly brainstorming sessions! After all, they do say that “Two heads are better than one.”