Three Great Options for Your Email Hosting

We announced in 2019 that we will be migrating our client websites from our current web hosting provider to the Google Cloud Platform. We’re excited about this! Google Cloud offers tremendous value, including fast loading times, scalability for increases in traffic, and some of the best security features of any web hosting platform available.

This change is part of our mission to always find ways to deliver greater value to our customers. There’s just one hitch: with our transition to Google Cloud, we are no longer able to offer email hosting services. Because of this, anyone who hosts their email with us will have to transition to another provider.  

Not to worry, though. In the interest of saving you time, our team has researched and reviewed many of the email hosting options available and has come up with what we think are the three best options based on criteria such as service, speed, security, price, additional offerings and best overall value*. Let’s dive in!

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Available as a separate service from its web hosting offering, Google offers a comprehensive email hosting package for businesses. Google’s Gmail for business is safe, secure, offers 24/7 support, and its basic package comes with a range of additional features such as video and voice conferencing, secure team messaging, shared calendars, software for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations, 30GB of cloud storage, and more. 

Gmail for business is quick to set up and syncs with Microsoft Outlook, so you can migrate old emails. Google also guarantees 99.9% uptime with 0% planned downtime. 

Google offers three pricing options per user per month. Each option requires an annual commitment. 

  • Basic – $7.80
  • Business – $15.60
  • Enterprise – $23.40

For more information on Google’s business email service, click here.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft’s Exchange Online program is designed to provide flexibility and a range of options to suit the needs of any business. Whether you need only email hosting or a full suite of professional business products and services, Microsoft’s Exchange Online program has you covered. The basic plan includes 50GB of mailbox storage, the ability to send emails that are up to 150 MB in size, a web-based version of Outlook, the ability to compare calendars to schedule meetings, premium security features, and automatic archiving. 

Microsoft offers three pricing options per user per month. Each option requires an annual commitment. 

  • Exchange Online (Plan 1) – $5.10
  • Exchange Online (Plan 2) – $10.20
  • Office 365 Business Premium (includes Office applications) – $16.00

For more information on Microsoft’s Exchange Online program, click here

Canadian Web Hosting

One of the most affordable options we could find is the homegrown company Canadian Web Hosting. For only $3 per user per month, Canadian Web Hosting provides you with custom email addresses, 24/7 support, a 99.9% uptime guarantee, 5 GB mailbox storage, migration support, anti-spam, and anti-virus services, shared calendaring and contacts, Outlook for desktop, mobile and webmail access, and a control panel for your network administrator. Canadian Web Hosting even provides discounts for clients with 50 or more users and offers a variety of additional web hosting services. 

For more information on Canadian Web Hosting’s service, click here.

Future Access is Here for You

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*Email hosting prices, products and services are accurate as of the date of publication.