Top Traits To Look For In A Web Developer

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could automatically find just the right fit?

Think about it. Shopping for clothes wouldn’t feel so frustrating. Choosing a dentist or family doctor wouldn’t take so much research. And you wouldn’t have to worry about web development projects gone wrong.

Unfortunately, the web industry has its own pitfalls. Some people claim to be experts, but don’t have much technical skill. Others are experts, but don’t have clear lines of communication. The best web developers, however, combine their knowledge with professional service. Those developers give you the best overall experience, hands down.

Not sure how to spot them? Here’s a quick list of traits that indicate your web developer is a keeper.

Traits of the Top-Notch Developer


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1. They know their stuff. If you want a professional to develop your website, they should know what they’re doing. Don’t be afraid to ask technical questions. An experienced developer will not only know how to answer them, but will also know how to create a site according to your requests.

2. They know their industry and the latest trends. Most passionate developers have some sort of involvement in web culture, and they check up on what’s happening in the industry. It doesn’t just show you that they’re professional – it also proves they’re excited about their work. That passion will translate into the website they build for you.

3. They help you set an accurate budget and stick to it. Web developers with a lot of experience know how much time it takes to build certain portions of a website. The best developers, though, will also inform you when a request falls outside your budget.

4. They get in touch. This part is so important. Skill doesn’t matter if you never finish the website. When you’re working on a project, both parties share responsibility to make sure it gets finished. Communication is vital.

5. They have a clear process. Projects can suffer without a clear workflow. But a consistent process ensures each deadline will be met, and each person will understand their own responsibilities for the project.

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6. They have a portfolio. Before you decide to trust a person, you want proof that they’re actually trustworthy. That’s true for anyone, and it’s no different with web developers. If you want to trust them with your website, it’s okay to look for proof. The professionals always have some. Ask to see a portfolio, and you’ll very quickly separate the professionals from the amateurs.

7. They pay close attention to your feedback. There’s nothing more frustrating than requesting changes and seeing them overlooked. A good developer, on the other hand, pays close attention to what you have to say. This doesn’t mean that they can fulfill every request, but they’ll listen closely to learn what you want.

The Right Fit

It takes time to find the right fit. But don’t let it overwhelm you – by taking the time to ask questions, do some research, and fully explore your options, you set yourself up for success. When you make the right choices from the very beginning, you’ll see it pay off later on.