Why You Should Update Your Website

You’ve probably heard us mention it before – websites still require some attention, even after you’ve launched. After all, technology changes quickly. Those changes will absolutely impact your website. By updating your site regularly, you create longevity.

This works on multiple levels. By updating your site on a regular basis, you ensure its quality. Not only that, but you also set yourself up for digital marketing success. Search engines love a site with recent updates, and so do customers. Taking care of your site proves to them that you pay attention to the details.

Easy Updates for Your Website

One of the best ways to make easy updates is through a content management system (CMS). A CMS, like WordPress, means that you can make changes to your website without coding knowledge. Integrating a CMS makes it accessible to you or any member of your team, regardless of technical knowledge. Our favourite CMS is WordPress.

When you update your site, make sure any plugins are up to date. Many web developers use plugins to add features to a site, so it’s important to make updates if the software has changed in any way.

From there, the best changes to make are content-related. Go through the details of your site and refresh any information that looks outdated. The most common ones include:

  • Changes in service or product information
  • Changes in staff or roles
  • Change of contact information
  • Images

It’s wise to make these updates at least once every month. That may seem like a large time investment, but it’s always worthwhile. Minding your website’s upkeep will keep things looking professional.

When to Make the Big Changes

Your website will need an overhaul from time to time in order to keep up with changing web trends. Don’t worry, though – you typically only need to consider a larger redesign every 3-5 years. If you haven’t made any major changes to your website within that time frame, you may want to consider calling your web developer. They’ll help you decide which changes to make based on your budget, your timeline, and the current trends.

I know – maintaining a website may seem like too large of a task. But, with only a few hours of time invested every month, you’ll reap the benefits of a beautifully-functioning, appealing website. Those benefits include:

  • More leads for your business
  • More reach to target markets
  • More trust built with your customers
  • More long-term opportunities for growth

See? Worth it. If I still haven’t convinced you, why not look into it a little more? You can find some extremely helpful articles if you click here and here.