Website Launch: Beyond Montessori School

With technology and trends continuously changing, it is almost impossible to avoid a website revamp. Actually at Future Access, we highly encourage it! Website revamps are typically needed for reasons such as: improving your website navigation system, speeding up load time, or modernizing designs and functionalities.

Beyond Montessori School's front yard with a garden and brick school in niagara regionIn this case, Beyond Montessori School had a website designed by us in 2012. Now that they’ve made their big move to a spiffy new location, they needed a website revamp to go with it! With the main goal being to further promote their services, we made sure the website focused on their programs to inspire potential clients to go and tour the school and ask questions. This goal was established through several in-person meetings with Beyond Montessori School founder, Natasha Secord. Since this wasn’t our first time working together, the process was quite simple. Natasha made our job extra easy by having all the content laid out and ready!

With a website upgrade comes upgraded features! We created a checklist specifically made for parents. This checklist allows parents to see what Beyond Montessori School is all about. From highlighting their services to showcasing all programs offered, we made sure that this checklist was easy-to-use and functional for all users. Because the number of smartphone users are increasing, we also made the website responsive for all devices (smartphones, iPads, tablets – you name it)! To further grow their online presence and communication with their online following and potential clients, we added multiple ways to reach out to the school as well.

Beyond Montessori School's website made by Future Access on a macbook in a restaurant . located in st catharines Ontario

Built on a WordPress CMS platform, all content, pages, posts, events (and all of the above) is editable for the Montessori team. At Future Access, we try our best to make the front end and back end user-friendly because we strongly believe that you should have full control over your website! Plus, if anything needs to be added or removed down the road, the Montessori team is able to make those changes on their own without hassle!

This project was extremely fun and we loved the challenge of revamping a website we’ve previously made in the past! Ultimately, both the Future Access team and Beyond Montessori School are┬ávery proud of the final product. If our clients are happy, we’re happy. Take a peek at their fresh new look: Beyond Montessori School… ENHANCED!