Website Launch: Cal’s Truck Sales & Service

At Future Access, we always feel honoured when we are given the privilege of working with a new client to design and develop a website. Having a customer say “yes” to us means that they like the portfolio of work we’ve done in the past, they feel comfortable with us after an initial meeting, and they trust that we will do what we say we will. They are trusting that their new website will look great, will function well, and will be done on time/within budget.

Any business that has been around for a few years likely already has a website. Therefore, we are not necessarily the first web designer that they have worked with, but we want to be the best. Chances are if they are coming to us in the first place, something about the relationship with their previous web designer did not go well. Perhaps the design wasn’t what they wanted, the website was difficult to update and maintain, the customer service and support was sub-standard, or they didn’t feel they got a good return on the investment they made.

At Future Access, we strive to make sure that our clients’ experience exceeds all of their expectations. This is why we are so pleased to announce the launch of the new Cal’s Truck Sales & Service website. Why? Because not only did the team at Cal’s choose to work with Future Access, but this is the second time they have had the full Future Access experience. They were so pleased with the customer service and support we provided the first time around, they were happy to choose us again.

Here is what Shane Davis, Sales Manager at Cal’s Truck Sales & Service had to say about us this time around:

“My experience with Future Access has been nothing but pleasurable. Very thorough and informative, and extremely patient with website training. Very prompt service and willing to answer any questions after training if needed. I highly recommend them for your future business website purchase!”

– Shane Davis, Sales Manager at Cal’s Truck Sales & Service

The new Cal’s Truck Sales & Service website is build in WordPress with a custom-designed, responsive, mobile-friendly theme.  This allows their customers to easily access their site from devices of all sizes, including smartphones.  WordPress makes it easy for them to update any part of the site with new content, including vehicles they add to their Pre-Owned Lineup and Customer Testimonials.  The prominent phone number in their header makes it easy to reach them, especially with the click-to-call link on the mobile-friendly version of the site. It lets customers call with just a touch of a button. And, of course, all of this is backed and supported by the professional team at Future Access!

Want the Future Access experience for yourself?  Visit to see the new Cal’s Truck Sales & Service website, then give us a call to find out what we do for you!