Website Launch: HWM

It’s been a smashing spring so far. Not only are we enjoying all the sunshine streaming through our gigantic windows, but we’ve also had a lot of website launches! Launch days are always exciting; it’s great to celebrate a job well done with our clients.

One specific project we’ve just launched is Halton Wealth Management’s new website. This project was a really unique one for us, simply because of the industry.

Working with an independent financial planner comes with unique opportunities and challenges. We love getting the opportunity to learn about a specific business or industry, and this project was no exception. I got the chance to work on the website’s content with feedback from Jim and Katarina at Halton Wealth Management. And, really, there’s no better way to learn about a business and its mentality than working together on new content. What stood out to me was the level of professional knowledge. It’s always awesome to work with people who are so skilled in their industry.

The biggest lesson learned here was working with compliance. See, we don’t have the same system of approval as the financial planning industry. For us, the most important approval is that of the client (we also, you know, obey copyright law and stuff). If our client likes the design, that’s the design we go with. But Halton Wealth Management has to get approval from their compliance department before releasing new content. No big deal, just another layer of sign-off. It was new for us, but we welcome a steep learning curve.

We made the website responsive and integrated it into WordPress, because we’ve found that a good content management system goes a long way. There’s a reason why WordPress is so popular: it’s good. We included all of Halton Wealth Management’s certification and memberships for transparency and credibility, and included a clear client login button for access to their online portal. The firm had already created effective videos that explain their process, so we included them in the new site. Once the back end was built, we added the revamped content; now visitors can see a comprehensive list of Halton Wealth Management’s services, and clients have better access to their secure login.

Ultimately, we were able to come up with a final design that was ideal for everyone. Compliance signed off on the final product, and Halton Wealth Management gave us their stamp of approval. Gotta’ love a good website launch.