What is Facebook Store and Is It Right For You?

Facebook Store is an add-on functionality that Facebook has recently added to their popular social network platform. The Facebook Store can be added to new or existing Facebook Business Pages, allowing business’ to sell their product directly on Facebook.

Although they have not out right said it themselves, it is pretty clear to us that Facebook created Facebook Store with the goal of growing their ever-transforming platform, while providing an easy-to-use and understand selling option for small or big businesses.

What You Need to Know About Facebook Store (Canada)

Facebook Store Set Up

Start from Scratch

likes, comments, and friend invites on facebook shown on laptop and smartphoneFacebook gives you the option to use their platform as an online shop, kind of like a simplified eCommerce website. This means, business’ now have the ability to sell directly on Facebook.

When starting a Facebook Store from scratch, you will have the ability to add, remove, update, or edit inventory manually as you please, as well as the option to communicate payment and delivery details via Facebook Messenger.

Connect an eCommerce Platform

woman on ecommerce website on her ipadTo make set-up easier for brands that might already have an online shop, Facebook has teamed up with big eCommerce websites such as Shopify.

If you already have products on a partnering eCommerce website, Facebook Store gives you the ability to link the two platforms together.

This means, you can connect your Shopify products without having to rewrite product descriptions and prices. This feature in particular makes inventory management super easy.

Cost of Running a Facebook Store

couple surrounded by packaging boxes while taking product photos of fashion itemsIf you’re a Facebook user, you would know that Facebook is a free social platform. Creating a Facebook Business Page is also a free feature that Facebook offers- and yes, that includes the Store tab add-on too!

Unlike Etsy or eBay, Facebook Store is free when it comes to listing items. It is safe to say that Facebook Store is a fees free alternative.

How can Facebook offer a fees free shop option? Simply by not offering a built-in payment process and delivery option for Canadian-based Facebook Stores. Finding a payment method and delivery service will be your responsibility and there might be a cost to manage that part of business.

Is Facebook Store the Right Choice for You?

Pros of Facebook Store (Canada):

  • It’s a cheap alternative to a “website”
  • It’s easy to navigate and users are familiar with the platform already
  • A great alternative for the non-tech savvy shop owners and customers out there

Cons of Facebook Store (Canada):

  • There is a lack of customization options
  • A payment method and delivery option is not included

Now you decide – is Facebook Store appropriate for your business? Your audience? Your products? Yes the low risk cost is hard to resist but remember, the first impression of a business is very important. It is valuable to do your research and explore your options.