What Weekly Marketing Meetings Have Taught Us

When people think of the digital industry, they often think about technology. Technology has successfully replaced many human jobs in numerous industries, the one thing it cannot replace is the power of creative collaboration. At Future Access, we believe that the digital marketing industry should always have a social element to it.

To ensure our marketing strategies are “human” and easy to relate to, we have implemented weekly marketing meetings. Marketing meetings are specifically for our digital marketing team. It is a time for our marketing team to sit down and collaborate, problem solve, and connect with each other!

The Affects of Marketing Meetings

Unplugged Discussions

Like stated in the opener, when people think of the digital industry, they think of technology. However, with digital marketing, even though it is all on the internet, it is still marketing which means you are still aiming to sell to humans with real emotions and opinions.

Having a designated time to “unplug” is needed in this industry. Even when brainstorming ideas for the digital space. Because the internet is massive, it is so easy to be influenced by what we see online.

There’s a fine line between being influenced and just flat out copying an idea. With an unplugged discussion, we are able to create authentic, out-of-the-box (or should we say, “off-of-the-screen”) marketing tactics and ideas.

Open Conversation

You’d think that we’d be transparent with each other simply because we spend nearly 8 hours a day together but that’s not the case at all. Since each person on our marketing team manages their own clients, it is super easy for each person to get lost in their own work.

Having designated meeting days really help in forcing our team to step away from work and daily distractions and focus in on what’s on their minds. Weekly marketing meetings give our marketers a set day and time to share their projects, concerns, and goals. Ultimately, improving internal communication and understanding of each person’s role.

Bigger and Better Ideas

Collaboration is the key to success! Digital marketing is an industry which thrives on relevancy and lifestyle. In an agency setting, we are often working with clients in industries we are not extremely knowledgeable in and that’s part of the fun! With co-workers coming from all walks of life, it is important to ‘put our heads together.’

Working together gives you the opportunity to develop unique, never-done-before content. Every person has something to offer and sometimes, it takes a good brainstorming session to bring that out! And, that’s exactly how big, more effective marketing strategies are made.

Weekly meetings have done a whole lot of good for us but these are the three biggest game changers! These highlighted benefits are great because they tap in to two very important parts of business, the internal side of things, along with effective execution (externally and internally). Regardless of what kind of business you run, we highly suggest hosting weekly or monthly meetings for each department. You’ll be amazed at the positive changes it will bring to the table.