What You Need to Know About Online Ads

Online advertising has been around for some time now. Chances are, you’ve run in to some sort of online ad while reading an article, a blog, or even when watching some of your favourite Youtubers. Despite online ads being a well-known part of the internet, not many people understand the importance of them.

At Future Access, we always try our best to educate our clients on the power of online advertising. Although paid advertising may not be the cheapest form of digital marketing, it is a marketing method that is consistent in showing us and our clients positive results, this is why we think it’s important for you to understand how online advertising works!

3 Online Advertising Methods You Should Know About

Search Ads

What are Search Ads? Search ads (A.K.A. paid search advertising, Google advertising, and search engine marketing) is a digital marketing method which places online ads within search engine results.

How does it work? Those who are using this marketing strategy pay a small fee to appear on the top of results. The small fee is only charged when the ad is clicked on, this is known as “pay-per-click” advertising.

How can Search Ads help your business? This form of digital marketing can improve your online strategy in a number of ways but the main perks are: further exposure and an improved conversion rate. Like stated previously, your ad will pop-up at the top of search engine results, making it convenient for interested clients to click without scrolling! Because your ad will be at the top of the page, searchers will immediately assume your business is a reliable source as well.

 Display Ads

What are Display Ads? Display advertising is a digital marketing strategy that comes in several forms such as, rich media and banner ads. Different from text-based ads, display ads rely heavily on visuals such as images, video, and/or audio.

How does it work? Similar to search ads, display ads are another form of pay-per-click advertising however, display ads are on relevant websites rather than a list of search engine results. Display ads appear on a variety of websites within the Google Display Network like articles, Youtube, and more.

How can Displays Ads help your business? Display ads can push your business with the help of repetition. Online users may not click on your display ad but because it is image-dependent, they’ll take it in subconsciously and remember it. Your brand will then appear familiar to them, making it easier for them to reference your business whenever they do need your services or products. Besides helping with traffic, display ads also do a great job at generating leads thanks to their easy-to-understand call-to-actions.

Facebook Ads

What are Facebook Ads? Facebook advertising is a social media strategy that has become very popular over the years. There are a couple of ways to do paid advertising on Facebook: boosted posts and promoted posts.

How does it work? Unlike the other two paid advertising methods, Facebook ads are pay-for-reach rather than pay-per-click. This means you pay whatever amount you’d like and Facebook divides your budget accordingly, based on how long you want your Facebook campaign to run for.

How can Facebook Ads help your business? Because Facebook is a social media platform, many people spend their time on it just for fun. This makes it the perfect platform to advertise on, especially if your target demographic is 40+. With Facebook ads you can expect lots of exposure over leads, this is why we highly recommend this strategy to newer businesses. Paid advertising on Facebook is inexpensive, simple, and convenient!