Why Are Logos So Important to a Business?

Nike, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Apple, and Twitter – can you picture their logos just by reading their company names? If you answered yes (which we bet you did), this is the end goal every business wants to achieve.

Logos play a huge role in business; a good logo helps establish your brand, from its personality to its purpose. Not only does a logo need to represent all that jazz, it also needs to connect with your ideal target audience through its overall design such as, colours, shapes, and more.

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The Importance of Logos

Brand Recognition and Awareness

Ideally, a logo should be easy to recognize in large and small print, and at a quick glance. The goal is to have your existing clients and potential clients remember your logo when seen on any medium – billboards, social media ads, t-shirts, you name it!

The best way to ensure your brand is well recognized is to keep your logo simple and make sure it does not compete with other logo designs. For example, avoid using a giant yellow “M” in your logo, you don’t want to compete with McDonald’s!

Reflects Your Brand Personality

A good logo should reflect your brand –  its meaning and what it is you are selling or servicing. For example, Nike stands for the Greek goddess of victory and their ever-so popular swoosh logo represents speed and agility, which a customer may experience when wearing Nike shoes.

Another great example is Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt logo. Their mascot has a swirl for hair which represents frozen yogurt, making it easy for clients to understand what kind of business Menchie’s is. It is important to sit down and really think about your business and brand as a whole before whipping up a logo. If you had to describe your business as a shape or colour, what would it be?

Builds a Strong and Loyal Fanbase

Consumers are loyal. If you really wow them, they will keep coming around. A great example are Harley Davidson consumers, not only are they a fan of their bikes but they are often seen sporting Harley Davidson riding gear, everyday attire and other merchandise such as, decals and accessories.

This is the best exposure a company can ask for. Consumers trust other consumers and if one claims they had a fantastic experience then there is a high chance their friend will consider the company. Building a strong fanbase creates a small community within your company as well, making it almost like a club. This can also attract potential clients as many people like the idea of being included.

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There are a number of reasons why having a good logo is important! However, that doesn’t make the process easier. Logo creation involves a lot of brain power as you want to make sure a single symbol or design speaks to your brand, your industry, and your audience.

“Two heads are better than one,” is a perfect saying for this scenario. We suggest brainstorming ideas with someone (or a group) to get multiple perspectives. Future Access specializes in branding and logo creation. Working with a team of professionals can really help move the process forward in a quick and less stressful manner.