Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate

In short, your website needs SSL for reasons such as security, improved customer trust, and brand credibility. If that alone doesn’t convince you, here’s a quick break down on what it is and why you need it (in better detail):


An SSL Certificate is used to encrypt and secure a connection between a user’s computer to a website. It helps protect sensitive information such as someone trying to steal credit card information.

The Benefits

Hand holding credit car to pay for an online purchase on ebay. why you need the ssl certifcate to protect your website. future access. st catharines.1. Prevent Hackers from Intercepting Data: Over the years, cybercriminals have stepped up their intercepting ways (A.K.A. hacking skills). Cybercriminals typically scout out weaknesses in a target’s network. Once they determine what that weakness is, they pounce! Since then, businesses have enhanced their security but not to the extent they should have. Cybercriminals have found out that the best time to intercept data is during transmission of vulnerable information instead of targeting stored data. With an SSL Certificate, you are providing extra security for your customers’ safety and your own as it includes advanced technology which fights against transit-based hacks.

2. Enhance the Trust Between You and Your Customers: To be successful in your business there must be secure and well-maintained trust between you and your customers. Because the SSL Certificate provides extra security, most online risks should be eliminated. The SSL Certificate impacts the process of online transactions, increases security, and visibly indicates protection to clients to ensure their information is safe.

3. Improve Your Brand Credibility: When customers feel confident, secure and safe about a business, they will more than likely remain loyal to them. Growing your loyal customer list will ultimately allow the business to build its credibility and lead to long-term relationships.

cyber security lock icon with a blue background. protect your website with the ssl certificate. future access. niagara ontario

Although those are our top 3 perks, there are a lot more pros to the SSL Certificate such as Private, Wildcard, and UC Multi-Domain. Help your business move forward in the industry and prevent disasters from happening with improved protection provided by the SSL Certificate.