Terms of Service

General Agreement
It is important to understand that this is an agreement between Future Access Inc. and its customers, which is entered into once website development begins upon initial deposit. What constitutes a violation of this agreement is at the sole discretion of Future Access Inc.

Website Content
You assume responsibility for all repercussions your domains, websites and content have online. If any of it becomes an issue for us (i.e. we are named in a lawsuit because of something you did) you either have to do your utmost to relieve us from any legal obligation or we will act independently to our best interest. If content on your website or email accounts bring down our server, and we require time to repair damages to your website or any of our clients, we may charge you for that time. However, we do our best to meet all security standards and avoid any issues. We integrate as much security as possible!

On a side note, domains found to be engaged in any of the following may have services suspended:

  • spam
  • phishing
  • C&C nodes, botnets
  • DDoS attacks of any kind
  • net abuse of any kind

We will work out a payment schedule with you. Design and development will begin upon the initial non-refundable deposit, with the remaining payment delivered upon receipt as scheduled. If final payment is not received, we reserve the rights to disable or remove the website. We also require payment for IT service upon receipt.

Non-Disclosure Agreements
We are happy to sign any NDA’s you require us to. We can keep a secret!